Account Administration

How do I add or change regulations?
Typically, you will select your regulations when first creating your account. If you’ve skipped this step or need to make changes, simply select “Account” from the left-hand navigation, then select “Edit” next to your school name. From there you can add and remove regulations, which will then automatically populate when building your menus.

What are Daily Items?
Daily Items consist of menu items your lunch program offers every day, like salad bars, milk and juice. We recommend you create Daily Items before creating your daily menus.
After adding your Daily Items, each daily menu created thereafter will feature them.

What can I use MyRecipes for?
Use MyRecipes to conveniently record your frequently-used recipes. MyRecipes is also useful for calculating average nutritional information for your Daily Items like salad bars and milk offerings.

How many users can I add?
As many as you need! Remember that each user must have a unique email address and password with at least six characters.

What’s the difference between a “user” and a “school?”
Schools represent your production sites. Users represent food service professionals working in those production sites. Account owners can add as many users and schools as they need, so long as each user has a unique email address and password with at least six characters.

What’s a “production center?”
Production centers are any location used to prepare food served to students. Typically, each school will serve as its own production center. If your school is served by an off-campus kitchen, that qualifies as your “production center.”


Menu Planning

How do I schedule my menus?
Once you’ve built your menus in the Menu Builder, return to your monthly calendar. You’ll see your menus laid out on the left-hand side under “Daily Menus.” Simply click the menu you’d like and drag it onto the day for which you’d like it to be scheduled.

How do I edit my daily menus?
After scheduling a daily menu, simply click the menu in the monthly calendar to open and edit. Any changes made will only affect that day. The original menu remains unchanged.

How do I make changes to my Daily Items?
If, for whatever reason on any given day, your offerings differ from those you planned to serve, you can edit or delete Daily Items from that specific day’s menu.


Best Practices

Daily Menus
Add daily offerings that allow for a level of flexibility. For example, add “Variety Fruit” as a side to an initial menu template. Then, once the menu is scheduled on the Monthly Calendar, edit that day’s menu to add specific offerings, like “Sliced apples” or “Mandarin oranges in juice.”

Daily Items
Create your Daily Items prior to creating daily menus. Daily Items include offerings such as salad bar, milk, juice, fruit, etc. The USDA allows school food programs to provide averages for Daily Items like salad bars, milk, juice, fruit, etc. To obtain and use these values, input each Daily Item as its own recipe in MyRecipes. Schedule your Daily Item out for a week, then average the information.

Student Lunch Menu allows you to price items individually or in weekly batches. By inputting pricing information each time you enter a new item into Student Lunch Menu, you will quickly build a database of foods and prices specific to your production center’s inventory. A little work each week will ultimately save you tons of time and work.


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